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Windmill Songs is an ideal gift for children between the ages of 0 – 6. Fun, varied, absorbing and original, this will keep toddlers, preschoolers, and young schoolchildren happy and busy. It will be a special and unique gift for a new baby, grandchild, or godchild, or something to listen to alongside your own new baby while you get to know each other.

Purchase Windmill Songs here through our easy online ordering system using your credit card or direct debit. You will receive confirmation of your order, and instructions for the digital download when your order is sent to you.

As orders are individually customised, please allow 5 working days for your personalised album to be completed.

Please enter the child's first name.
If there is a chance I would be unsure, please confirm how the name sounds: (e.g. 'Ramini' would be 'Ra-min-ee').
Gender is helpful so that one of the songs can be properly customised.
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Price: $1.00
Ten tracks of Windmill Songs, eight of which include your chosen child's name.

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