Playing your album

The first step is to download your digital album onto a chosen device. These include Apple Macs, Windows, iPhones, iPads, Android phones and tablets.
You download using the link in your order confirmation from Windmill Music. The link will look something like this:

The downloaded album will be in a zipped folder called “Windmill_Songs_for_(childname)” containing ten music tracks. If you are given a choice to uncompress the folder, choose “zip”.

To start playing your album, select the instructions for your chosen device below: 

Chosen device for playback

Apple Mac (desktop and laptop)

Your best option is to use the music app. If you have an older Mac then use the iTunes app.

  1. Open the Music app (or iTunes app).
  2. Choose the “File > Add to Library…” menu (“File > Add File to Library” in iTunes).
  3. Navigate to the “Windmill_Songs_for_(childname)” folder, probably in your “Downloads” folder … and click “Open”
  4. On the left side of the music app under “Library” click “Recently Added”
  5. Open the “Windmill Music’s Album” and click “Play”

iOS (iPhone and iPad)

Your best option is to use the music app

Windows (desktop and surface)

Instructions for Windows here

Android (phone)

  1. Find your music file in your “Downloads” folder and double-click on it.
  2. Choose either “Files by Google”, “Voice Recorder”, or “Spotify” to open it, if prompted.
  3. The Playlist should start with Friendship Band and Incy Wincy, and finish with Twinkle Twinkle. If they are not in that order, click on the arrow next to the list, which will reverse the order of the songs. We highly recommend that you play them in the Playlist order (found under “Playlist on the website).
  4. If you choose “Spotify” or “Voice Recorder”, you may need to change your app permissions first to grant local file access. Do this by: