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Jannah playing music


Sorry, I have finished taking CD orders for Christmas 2017! I will open up again later in January.

About Windmill Music

Welcome to Windmill Music. I’m Jannah, the director of the Windmill Music Company. We are a Wellington kids' music company providing fun, educational, innovative music for kids. We run music classes, ECE centre sessions, birthday parties, and holiday concerts. A real strength is the quality musicianship behind everything we do, and an emphasis on live instruments, interaction, and musical concepts throughout all our sessions. Get in touch to see what we can do for you!
Windmill Music Company has also released Windmill Songs, a great personalised kids' album for 0 - 6 year olds. This is an album unlike any you have heard before; and it’ll be the best gift you give all year.
Some Windmill Songs tracks are brand new—my own compositions for kids. Some you’ll know already—they’re well-loved favourites, especially arranged by me.  Weave any child's name of your choice throughout, and you have Windmill Songs, where the child’s name is recorded twenty times throughout the ten-track CD.
My album features a fabulous variety of instruments and sounds to entertain and educate young music-lovers. Watch what happens: the kids you love will fall in love with this music. I’ve seen it happen over and over.
About Jannah
I love introducing kids and their families to music. I've been involved in music since I was small, and have a habit of picking up instruments along the way. Most recently, I've been a cellist in the Southern Sinfonia (Dunedin) and Heisenberg Ensemble (Scotland), a sax player in the Dunedin City Jazz Orchestra, and a member of a guitar/cello jazz duo. I've also taught privately and in schools, as well as tutoring on the Music Heartland Project for Gifted and Talented primary school students. I hold an MA(Mus), PGDipArts, BMus, and ATCL. 


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