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Windmill Music is having a break from offering classes at the moment.  Apologies for the inconvenience!


Contact Jannah: jannah 'at', or 0221224912

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"I have taken my son to Windmill Music since classes began. Jannah runs not just the best music class I have been to for children, but one of the best childrens' music activities full stop. Jannah has an innovative and fun approach to her music, and makes it extremely accessible for even the youngest baby to enjoy. I can't recommend it highly enough."

- Lucy Jenkins, Wellington, NZ

"I looked forward to our Friday music classes as the highlight of our active week. Freya loved them, and I credit our music classes - which started when she was about six months old - with her now insatiable appetite for singing."

- Rosa Argent, Wellington, NZ

"Thanks so much for the fantastic music classes! We loved them - it was such a treat when you introduced us to new instruments (some of which I'd never seen before) and you were so generous in letting the kids play them. The look on the kids' faces was magic. We looked forward to your classes each week and we still sing the songs you taught us. Can't wait for classes to start again!"

- Sarah Taylor, Wellington, NZ

“Jannah brings considerable intelligence to bear on the issues involved, and clearly works very hard in preparing her material. She has a nicely judged balance of singing, listening, rhythmic stories, and audience participation, and in my view strikes a very good balance between repetition, familiar items, and novelty... I cannot speak highly enough of her own enthusiasm and skill in presenting and running her material, and gaining attention and compliance from an age-group not renowned for either. My two young boys and I all enjoy her music sessions.”

- Sue Armstrong, St Andrews, Scotland

“I would recommend this to all and every parent. My little girl has enjoyed Jannah’s class so much. It is delivered with such enthusiasm and covers so much at a level the children can appreciate. Thank you.”

- Lesley Moffat, St Andrews, Scotland

“What a lovely way to spend an hour. A variety of songs, age appropriate to all the smiley toddlers in the room. Excellent pace throughout the hour to keep everyone interested and included with all that was happening. Lots of songs with actions and a story too. Lovely experience to play on so many instruments and a special treat to listen to the mystery instrument – “Hello Cello!” Thank you for your enthusiasm, musical talent, and calm approach.”

- Sally Gross, St Andrews, Scotland

“My two year old really looked forward to music on a Friday with Jannah.  No two weeks were the same & it was lovely to see the new reaction to each new instrument that was brought to class.  We especially loved the opera singer class (even Daddy came to this class!!)  Thank you for providing such a good introduction to all the instruments.”

- The Wright family, St Andrews, Scotland



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