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"I received your delightful Windmill compilation when my little girl Sienna was born in Hong Kong 6 months ago. We are the envy of all the little people that visit our home. Where we go, the Windmill Songs follow. New Zealand, Australia, Japan and the Maldives (and she's only 6 months old!!) We fill our days with sleeping bunnies, so many traffic lights, clippity-clop, round and round and round... STOP and spin!! I have passed your contact details to many of my friends so children near and far can hear your magic (aka. real music). Thank you for being part of our every day and for gifting Sienna with a tune to brighten up our car rides, our early mornings and our bath time!

- Emma Bibby, Hong Kong

Thank you so much for dropping off the CDs today. They are fantastic and I can't wait to gift them! We listen to ours so often and just adore the music - the tunes are so catchy and we love dancing to 'our own' music. So I feel so proud giving them as gifts too. Isabella aso gave up listening to Frozen at night to listen to your CD instead - on repeat all night! Thanks again.

- Christiana Van Dorp, Wellington, NZ

Rowan is truly loving the CD. He smiles, does actions, dancing around, and asks for "more" at the end of every song :). He gets an especially big grin on his face when we get to the last track with a child singing twinkle twinkle. Oh, and he really likes the saxophone and the funny instrument sounds, too. I love the music and vocals, all around, a breath of fresh air not just because we've heard his other kid songs so much but because these are so much I would want to listen to even if I weren't with Rowan!

- Mandy Suhr-Sytsma, Atlanta, US

Jannah, your Windmill CDs are so popular here in the UK and are arriving safely.

- Maddie Blackburn, UK.

Our whole family LOVES this CD. It is rare to find a children's CD which adults can happily listen to time and time again...this is one. The sounds and songs are lovely and soothing and are also great to sing and dance to.

- Mela Greenslade, Wellington, NZ

Many thanks for the wonderful music prepared for our new little one, Cara. She absolutely loves it and sits bouncing over breakfast listening to her songs every morning!

- Annika Elise Impallomeni, UK.

 Felix (14 months) loves listening to his personalised CD by Jannah. We often play it at mealtimes and he dances his way through the songs, periodically stopping eating to say 'round and round', 'down', 'butterfly', 'hop hop', or whatever word it is he's picked out from the song! Jannah's lyrics are beautifully clear and the rhythms are punchy and fun. He aso loves listening to her little boy singing 'twinkle twinkle', saying 'bubba!' and doing the actions. A definite winner and the perfect gift!

- Kate Schick, Wellington, NZ

Wow Jannah that is just SO cool! I got a bit emotional when the first song played 'Hello April, it's wonderful to seeee you...' What a beautiful creation you have put together, you should be super proud. We love it and have listened to it everyday almost since it arrived in the mail. All my friends want one for their kids! YAY you.

 - Nikki Parlane, Wellington, NZ

I think the CD is just gorgeous, and plan on ordering at least two more in the next couple of months. Can't get that first song out of my head (and now have to sing the 'Ted and Pippa and Dolly' song to Ted at night). You are very clever.

- Lucy Jenkins, Wellington, NZ

Congratulations on your CD. It is really delightful – the voice is so well recorded and the variety of instrumentation is presented so creatively, in a subtle, fun way that is complementary with the voice.  It is gentle, but has beat. And obviously it comes out of real situations. William really enjoys it – and listens carefully. Well done.

 - Felicia Edgecombe, Wellington, NZ

A delight to listen to, tuneful (very important from the parents’ point of view), fun, varied - the CD suits all ages(I often found myself singing the songs at all hours of the day). Our daughter was immediately calmed in the car listening to this. Thanks!

 - Andrea Davidson, Wellington, NZ

 Bill was overcome to hear his grandchildren's names in your songs!  I just want to encourage you and your music, just wonderful.

- Jenny Jordan, NZ

Wonderful for rainy weekends! Jannah's songs have given us many lovely moments of peace and serenity.

- Ignatius Menzies, Wellington, NZ






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